SheerVideo Reader

SheerVideo Reader

Real time SheerVideo codec as used by NBC


  • Works on the fly with lossless conversions
  • Suitable for a wide type of prosumer recording formats
  • Used by major network TV channel NBC


  • No way to configure the codec


If you're into High Definition video production and need to save space, time and money on your productions without losing video quality, then SheerVideo Reader is aimed at you.

SheerVideo Reader is strictly a professional application used by major network TV channels such as NBC but is suitable for those editing footage on a Mac. The aim of SheerVideo Reader is to allow you to work twice as fast at half the uncompressed file size but while still retaining perfect original video quality. SheerVideo is what is known as a real-time lossless video codec, which means that all conversions it make are done on the fly and involve no loss of original sound quality.

Installation of SheerVideo Reader is very easy with an installer taking you the process. Once installed however, there is no interface within which to make adjustments which you'd expect from a codec that deals with such high quality footage. The codec is mainly aimed at Prosumers (i.e. those that come somewhere between general consumers and professionals) such as those using recording formats such as DVCPro HD, DV-25, MPEG, H.264, AVC, and HDV.

The SheerVideo Reader codec aims to quicken your workload, put less stress on your processor while at the same time maintain the quality of your original video.

SheerVideo Reader


SheerVideo Reader

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